About Blissful Body Box

Blissful Body Box is a natural skincare and wellness collection of hand-picked items from Maryland makers and artisans. Our goal is to shine a light on all the local talent the state has to offer while inspiring women to make time for self-care.

Each season we curate a themed box that includes everything from plant-based cleansers, body oils, and scrubs to wellness items such as herbal tea blends, guilt-free snacks, and essential oils. Four themed boxes will highlight skincare, seasonal, and self-care needs. By connecting skincare + wellness we hope to help you achieve a balanced self-care routine.

To provide a complete wellness experience boxes are offered as a collection for one-time purchase. Select products and exclusive bundles will also be available for sale.


Meet the creator: Elise Elbourne

Elise created the Blissful Body Box after making the decision to take better care of the skin on her body. She noticed the numerous skin care subscriptions available for facial care and makeup, but could not find a collection of skin care goods especially for the body.

In an effort to clean up her daily skincare routine she began to research what natural options were available locally. She was delighted to discover that Maryland has a diverse collection of clean skincare and wellness brands. As an avid beauty lover and tester, Elise is excited to share all of the natural skincare + wellness brands that she has discovered in each thoughtfully prepared box.

Elise is also the creator of Blissfully Blossoming Beauty, a website that offers women fashion, beauty, and self-development advice. The website aims to encourage women, especially moms, to always be true to who you are and what you love.